Mer de Chine du Sud – Philippines – États-Unis – Australie : Lancement de patrouilles aériennes et navales bilatérales

Projet annoncé depuis plusieurs mois, les Philippines et les États-Unis ont repris en novembre 2023 leurs patrouilles communes aériennes et navales en mer de Chine du Sud. Par ailleurs, s’affiche en première, une coopération filipino-australienne identique. La Chine n’est pas contente.

As announced for some months ago, the Philippines and the United States have resumed their joint air and naval patrols in South China Sea in November 2023. Meanwhile an identical Filipino-Australian cooperation is taking place for the first time. China is not happy.

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Philippines – Chine : Perspective d’investissement chinois sur le chantier naval de Subic bay

À la suite de la déclaration de faillite du chantier naval Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Corp. Philippines (HHIC-Phil), implantée sur Subic bay, et de sa mise en redressement judiciaire le 8 janvier 2019, le gouvernement philippin est à la recherche d’une solution de sauvetage de l’entreprise défaillante. Deux sociétés chinoises, dont une d’État, ont exprimé leur intérêt pour une reprise. Le projet suscite une énorme méfiance tant du côté de certains membres du gouvernement que de l’opposition alors que le président Duterte, sans le dire clairement, y est favorable.

After Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Corp. Philippines (HHIC-Phil) shipyard, settled in Subic bay, have introduced a file for rehabilitation on the 8th of January 2019 following its declaration of failure, the Filipino government is looking for a solution to redress the failing company. Two Chinese shipyards, one among them being a state company, have expressed their interests for a takeover. Such a project raises a huge distrust on the side of some members of the government and from political opponents when president Duterte on his part, without expressing himself clearly, is on the contrary, favorable to the Chinese solution.

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The Code of Conduct of the Parties in the South China Sea: a tremendous mistake

On the 5th of August 2017, the ministers of foreign affairs of the Association of South-East Nations (ASEAN), in the frame of the first of their yearly meetings, gathered in Manila, Manila holding the presidency of the Association this year. One of the main purpose, among other important ones, of the meeting was to elaborate the project of a framework for the future consultations, before negotiations, for a code of conduct (COC) of the parties in the South China Sea (SCS). The project was to be discussed the following day with Wang Yi, the Chinese minister of foreign affairs. After strong discussions the two parties reached an agreement on a framework from which the consultations for a COC shall start in November, at Clark, Pampanga province, in the Philippines. It will happen on the occasion of the second ASEAN and China foreign affairs ministers’ meeting of year 2017.

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