TO BLIND THE TIGERS China’s nuclear strategy: weapons and doctrine


On the 6th august 2020, the Chinese nuclear missile DF-26 “aircraft carrier killer” is starring

Responding to what is considered a provocation: an exercise implying two American aircraft carriers in South China Sea, the Rocket Force of the People’s Army launched in their direction this anti ship missile. China is letting the US know that it can’t use the 7th fleet in order to intervene in China’s internal affairs and threaten its national security any more. Washington had to recognize that, replying to their exercise, the Chinese nuclear forces had been able to react instantly. The People’s Army of Liberation must be taken seriously, for the formidable army it has grown into.

The world is still definitely torn by armed conflicts on many deadly theaters of operations, where millions of men, women and children are suffering, but there is only one zone left where two nuclear powers are daily threatening each other with missiles:  South China Sea. What could be the issue of a clash? Henceforward, one can perceive which way a duel will end.

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Chine : La dissuasion revisitée 中國核彈威攝力的再檢視

Les caractéristiques des 16 missiles DF-41, qui ont fait leur début lors du 70e anniversaire de la RPC, démontrent qu’ils sont dotés de têtes nucléaires miniaturisées qui ont rejoint l’état de l’art. Si une crise grave devait survenir, la Chine pourra désormais oublier qu’elle s’interdit l’engagement de la première frappe, et pourra engager des tirs de semonce de puissance réduite.

The features of the 16 DF-41 missiles, appearing for the first time on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the PRC, show that they are equipped with miniaturized nuclear warheads achieving state-of-the-art technology. If a severe crisis should occur, China could now forget that it has made a commitment not to engage the first strike, and would be able to engage in low power warning shots.

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