Wang yi: a new Kissinger?

By General (ret.) Daniel Schaeffer, former defense attaché in Thailand, Vietnam and China, member of the French think tank Asie21-futuribles (

On February 24, 2023, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a document entitled “China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis”. It comprises twelve points which constitute the basic principles to which all the parties involved, on first line as well on the second one in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, should refer to, as long as they would agree to show good faith and good will, so as to return to a situation of peace in Europe. Without all the addressees being named, such as the United States and NATO, all should easily recognize the messages addressed to them in filigree.

Addresses to the attention of Russia

Without discussing each of the twelve points one by one, they must be quoted however, even in disorder, because all fall under the common sense but some messages are worth deciphering however even if it is easy to guess whom they are addressed to. And despite what one might think because of the privileged relations between Beijing and Moscow, Russia is not spared.

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