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You’ve been paying close attention to the Asia-Pacific region, an area that is constantly evolving and destabilized by China and North Korea. You’ve noticed how surprising this zone can be. And how important it is to compare points of view in order to better anticipate what may happen.

This is what the confidential letter Asie21-Futuribles offers to you, enriching the analyses and forecasts of the experts around you. One of the latest issues (attached) will enable you to appreciate the contents.

The confidential Lettre Asie21 Futuribles, a geopolitical monthly on the Asia-Pacific region,

– Places events in context and tracks the evolution of institutions as well as cultural and social practices.

– Provides an overview of regional situations, combining geopolitical, economic, technological, social and cultural analyses.

– Perceives major trends (demographics, energy, economy, mentalities, etc.) and sketches out corresponding scenarios.

– Answers questions related to Asia’s future.

What sets Asie21 apart from other media

– Immediate news coverage, with the month’s major events put into perspective.

– A review of events likely to bring about significant changes in the Asia-Pacific region, with an emphasis on the geopolitical context from a forward-looking perspective.

– Asie21’s editorial team is made up of seasoned Asia « practitioners »: diplomats, generals and experts in their field, all dedicated to analyzing current affairs.

– Designed for quick reading, its articles are short and follow a rigorous, structuring plan: Facts / Issues / Forward-looking comments.

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Decision-makers who know that anticipation pays off, high-level government authorities, heads of major corporations, but also consulting organizations and universities.

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